Features (2.1.3-testing)

Prototype & Calibrate algorithm graphically as you play a construction game


Graphical Algorithm Editor

With a simple & intuitive drag & drop mechanism you create new prototypes; composition of elementary numerical components. Just with your mouse, you can create new combination, new ideas. Solution research is made intuitive, fast & easy.

Dynamic building

Proof of concepts, demonstrations can be made alive quickly thanks to Caméléon agility. Your design & presentation are dynamic, your audience can play easily with your work.

Real time calibration

When you have found the good elementary component combination, you can play with inputs parameters & see the result in real time. Find the right combination hasn’t been faster.

Integrate easily API, programs or CLI

You can integrate quickly new operators and fonctions from differents business fields.

Development kit

The development kit allow you to add new algorithm written in C++.